FAA Registered Drone Service and GOPRO 4K Video

JRC Productions now offers drone and Steadycam services!

If you need aerial images, our drone is the ticket!  Its cameras provide smooth, high quality 4K video and 12-megapixel still photographs, providing a polished, professional look.  Think of the visual impact your facility will have as you give potential and existing customers a bird's eye view to reveal your company then transition to your office or manufacturing plant. 

Our Steadycam can take interior shots of your factory, processes, machines, office, and employees from a unique point of view. JRC Productions will take your video to the next level, helping you to impress potential clients and increase your business.

Typhoon Q-500 4K

The SteadyGrip CGO3 is a 3-axis gimbal combined with UHD 4K resolution video that enables precise image stabilization to capture stunning footage. It's perfect for tight, closed-in areas where a drone might not be practical.